Monday, March 23, 2009

New Construction Costa Rica Resort: Quarter Shares Starting at $70,000

Second home sales are falling around the country and beyond. To counter this, a developer in Punta Leona on Costa Rica's Central Coast is offering quarter shares of properties starting at just $70,000.

This 15 acre retreat will be called Tranquilo and will include a spa, swimming pools, a fitness center, waterfall viewing decks, a lounge and a recreation center.

When home owners arrive at the resort, their refrigerators will be stocked with food. On site chefs will be available. And transport to and from the resort will be provided by private shuttle or helicopter.

And to make it a better investment, owners will be able to rent out their property through a rental management program.

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  1. Nice Blog Matthew! Very informative..... It would be so nice to have a second home like you described in this post. Sounds like all you would have to do is relax, everything appears to be taken care of when you arrive!
    -Tammy Walker, John Bethell Title Company, Inc.