Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Thinking of adding color to your house?

In a recent article in Realtor Magazine, Melissa Tracey stated, "Many salespeople and home stagers say neutral beige or off-white wall are what sells listings--but a touch of color may be just what you need to revive buyers' interest in a languishing listing".

So what color and where? Paintquality.com and Architects Design Group, Inc. have the following advice:

Red = excitement and stimulated appetite...best for the dining room

Orange = comfort and warmth...best for living rooms and family rooms

Yellow = welcoming and joyful...best for poorly lit foyers and hallways

Green = restful and calming...light green is best for living rooms

Blue = promotes calmness...best for bedrooms or any peaceful area in the home

Purple = boosts creativity but can have unpleasant subconscious responses...best for play rooms.

"Color is always a very personal choice. So color choices can be subtle. A color doesn't have to be McDonald's yellow or Red Roof Inn red to be noticed. It can be a derivative or a subtle tint or tone of those particular colors to create the warming effect buyers want in a home" says Debbie Zimmer, spokeswoman for The Rohm and Hass Paint Quality Institute, a research and education group on decorating and color techniques.

(courtesy of Realtor Magazine)