Thursday, April 9, 2009

The New Launches It's New Site has been the local real estate search engine of preference for the Bloomington area. Now check out

Direct from the pages of Realtor Magazine Online:

"Ever hear of If not, you probably will. The company, formerly known as Homescapes, is launching a $40 million nationwide ad campaign in the real estate sections of 133 newspapers. The ads will run on Sundays throughout 2009.The goal, says company CEO Tim Fagan, is to get the Web site on consumers' radar screen. An initial ad shows a man with spiky hair mimicking the pitch of the roof of his home. The second ad depicts a woman’s red lipstick matching the door of her home.Participating papers include: the Chicago Tribune, Arizona Republic, Miami Herald, Los Angeles Times and Indianapolis Star."
Source:, Les Luchter (04/06/2009)

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