Saturday, May 23, 2009

120 Kirkwood Sample Floor Plan

Plans are moving ahead for 120 Kirkwood in downtown Bloomington. To the right is a sample floor plan for a 750 square foot one bedroom condo. Floor plans range from one bedroom up to three bedrooms for condos on the forth floor or your choice of 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor condos with two bedrooms and a den with closet (the lack of a window keeps it from being a legal bedroom).
Currently there are 16 condos at 120 Kirkwood available. The base price is $199,000 for the one bedroom as shown in the drawing to the right. Larger one bedrooms are priced from $265,000 to $285,000. Two and three bedroom units range in price from $335,000 to $550,000 depending on size and location within the building. Two penthouse units are being offered for $629,000 to $649,000.
In the Raleigh North Carolina market where downtown condos have been very popular, some of the penthouse condos offered were later reconfigured into multiple smaller units in order to sell.
120 Kirkwood is a needed addition to downtown living for those who choose the ease of condo living. Feel free to post your comments on this new project.