Monday, January 30, 2012

This past week's numbers for Bloomington

As we wrap up the month of January, the real estate market continues to be very active.  Mild weather, great interest rates and a good inventory of homes is creating a healthy environment. 

There were fewer new listings this week caused by the fact that some many home owners focused on getting their houses on the market bright and early this month.

Here are the week's numbers:
  • 80 new listings (there were 29 properties withdrawn, so we're most likely looking at 51 +/- actual new listings
  • 30 properties sold
  • 31 properties received accepted offers
  • 42 properties had price reductions.  (many of these will be home owners who are trying to make their house more appealing to buyers with the new year...a good idea.)
The high selling house of the week sold for $270,000. This house in Hyde Park was listed for $300,000.

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