Monday, January 16, 2012

What happened this week in Bloomington's real esate market?

The real estate market here in Bloomington is in full bloom.  Here are some of the numbers for this week's activity in Bloomington and the surrounding areas:

  1. 120 new listings!
  2. 55 listings had price changes (reductions is a more accurate term)
  3. 38 listings were withdrawn (most of these withdrawn listings will have been pulled from the MLS system by the listing agent and then re-entered so that the listing has the current year's MLS number...good marketing)
  4. 23 properties sold
  5. 29 properties went pending

All this is great news for Bloomington.  Since the norm in this market is for it to take about 30 days for a house sale to close from the time an offer is accepted, these numbers show that 30+/- contracts were written and accepted in this area during the middle of December which is a typically quiet month for real estate.

And new listings are coming on the market every day.  Keep checking back for more information or click the like button at on my facebook business page and follow all the trends in this market.

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